John Wick: Chapter 2

I was thinking… …an impervious protagonist is not a particularly interesting thing. Superman without kryptonite would not be an intriguing hero no matter how many school children he saved. Ancient Greek or Roman gods would be nothing more than toga-clad snore-fests if they were not somehow subject to and victims of the same frailties that […]

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Rogue One: A Story Wars Story

I was thinking… …when following in the footsteps of a filmic predecessor, certain aspects of that prior movie can be matched, often without difficulty: a matching visual aesthetic, a similar musical composition, even a familiar style of dialogue. What cannot be done with unmitigated success is the capturing of the same feel a film’s progenitor […]

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Hacksaw Ridge

  I was thinking… …every once in a while a movie is released that every school child in America should be required to watch. I’m not talking about some propagandist tripe spewed by the most boring ex-vice president in history. I certainly don’t mean any I.Q.-lowering comedy. There are some films made that boldly and […]

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I was thinking… …movie trailers can often be misleading. Sometimes they are meant to evoke a certain feeling that is utterly absent in the actual film. Sometimes they incorporate every single good part of a film and you don’t find out the other 98 percent is total crap until after you’ve wasted two hours watching […]

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Doctor Strange

I was thinking… …there was a time, not too long ago, when comic books were looked down upon as kid’s fare, and the thought of any superhero running around in the real world while bedecked in their trademark costume was regarded as ridiculous bordering on utterly ludicrous. But look at how ludicrous the world has […]

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The Magnificent Seven

I was thinking… …it is as old a saying as it is ironically grammatically incorrect: if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. This is as true with films as it is with anything else. If a film is done well the first time and there is, for whatever reason, a desire to revisit or remake […]

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Star Trek Beyond

I was thinking… …it is often said a story is only as good as its villain. The American Film Institute lists Hannibal Lector and Darth Vader as two of the top three best film villains of all time and with little wonder. While none of Star Trek‘s villains list anywhere in the top 50 of […]

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