I was thinking… …how commonly the phrase ‘the book was better’ is said by movie-goers. This is because, with very, very few exceptions, the printed story really is superior. Ben-Hur is most certainly not one of these exceptions. In fact, it is also rare for a remake to exceed or even match the version or […]

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Suicide Squad

  I was thinking… …a great story, flawless script and even decent acting chops can still be undermined by poor casting choices. A movie with a mediocre story and a so-so script are somewhat less affected. Thus it is with Suicide Squad. Be warned: if you have not seen Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice […]

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Jason Bourne

I was thinking… …this ‘global community’ thing is getting out of hand. Whether you’re doing business with clients in other countries or simply sitting on, watching and driving things that were all built in China, there are definitely times the old phrase ‘Made in the USA’ is woefully missing from our daily lexicon. I, for […]

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Ghostbusters: Answer the Call

I was thinking… …remaking a movie or rebooting a franchise for the sake of ‘a new generation,’ is the worst reason to do so. If a film is done right the first time, every generation should be able to enjoy it, regardless of when it was first made. The Ivan Reitman-directed, Dan Akroyd and Harold […]

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Central Intelligence

  I was thinking… …an actor is akin to that oddest-looking of reptiles: the chameleon. With the ability to change its color to match its environment, the chameleon is a master of disguise. Like the lizard, truly gifted actors will also be able to lose themselves in any genre and change themselves to fill the […]

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Now You See Me 2

I was thinking… …the term ‘movie magic’ has been in use perhaps since the days of actual magician-turned-filmmaker George Melies. Melies utilized his mastery of illusion and maximized the potential of celluloid to not simply record events as they happened, but to tell fantastical tales of places that never existed and create images that were […]

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