Rogue One: A Story Wars Story

I was thinking… …when following in the footsteps of a filmic predecessor, certain aspects of that prior movie can be matched, often without difficulty: a matching visual aesthetic, a similar musical composition, even a familiar style of dialogue. What cannot be done with unmitigated success is the capturing of the same feel a film’s progenitor […]

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Hacksaw Ridge

  I was thinking… …every once in a while a movie is released that every school child in America should be required to watch. I’m not talking about some propagandist tripe spewed by the most boring ex-vice president in history. I certainly don’t mean any I.Q.-lowering comedy. There are some films made that boldly and […]

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Star Trek Beyond

I was thinking… …it is often said a story is only as good as its villain. The American Film Institute lists Hannibal Lector and Darth Vader as two of the top three best film villains of all time and with little wonder. While none of Star Trek‘s villains list anywhere in the top 50 of […]

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I was thinking… …how commonly the phrase ‘the book was better’ is said by movie-goers. This is because, with very, very few exceptions, the printed story really is superior. Ben-Hur is most certainly not one of these exceptions. In fact, it is also rare for a remake to exceed or even match the version or […]

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Captain America: Civil War

I was thinking… …the distance of the camera from the subject can make or destroy how an action sequence plays out. Alfred Hitchcock said the size of the subject on the screen should indicate the overall importance of that object. When this axiom is applied to a combat sequence–particularly of the hand-to-hand variety–however, it can […]

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American Sniper

I was thinking… …reviewing a film about a real American war legend would be difficult enough, but to write about it when that legend has literally passed into legend is nigh impossible. But, here goes… As much as I hate being one of the rabble shuffling into a crowded theater to see a film generating […]

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