Rogue One: A Story Wars Story

I was thinking… …when following in the footsteps of a filmic predecessor, certain aspects of that prior movie can be matched, often without difficulty: a matching visual aesthetic, a similar musical composition, even a familiar style of dialogue. What cannot be done with unmitigated success is the capturing of the same feel a film’s progenitor […]

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I was thinking… …movie trailers can often be misleading. Sometimes they are meant to evoke a certain feeling that is utterly absent in the actual film. Sometimes they incorporate every single good part of a film and you don’t find out the other 98 percent is total crap until after you’ve wasted two hours watching […]

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Star Trek Beyond

I was thinking… …it is often said a story is only as good as its villain. The American Film Institute lists Hannibal Lector and Darth Vader as two of the top three best film villains of all time and with little wonder. While none of Star Trek‘s villains list anywhere in the top 50 of […]

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Ghostbusters: Answer the Call

I was thinking… …remaking a movie or rebooting a franchise for the sake of ‘a new generation,’ is the worst reason to do so. If a film is done right the first time, every generation should be able to enjoy it, regardless of when it was first made. The Ivan Reitman-directed, Dan Akroyd and Harold […]

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X-Men: Apocalypse

I was thinking… …when Bryan Singer released the first X-Men film in 2000, he blatantly pointed out his comic book-based movie was not going to be a direct translation of the comic book itself. When Wolverine is trying on his uniform for the first time, Cyclops comments, “What did you expect? Yellow spandex?” The funny […]

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Hardcore Henry

I was thinking… …certain things are actually more exciting to see as a spectator than as a participant. Parkour, otherwise known as free running is one. Fist fighting to the death would certainly qualify. And falling onto pavement would definitely be another. There’s plenty of all of those in the all point-of-view film, Hardcore Henry. […]

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